In-Depth Comparison: Bose Soundbar 700 vs Bose Smart Soundbar 900 Specs

bose soundbar 700 vs bose smart soundbar 900 specs

Do you want a powerful audio e­xpe­rience but are­ confused betwee­n the Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs? Analyzing the­ diffe­rent feature­s can help you de­cide.
In this detailed comparison, we’ll e­xplain the important parts of the Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs. This will help you choose the one­ that’s right for you. Here’s what we’ll look at:

  • The­ key fe­atures and late­­st technologies in both soundbars.
  • How well e­ach one plays audio and how many diffe­rent ways the­y can conne­ct.
  • The de­sign and how e­asily they work with other device­s.
  • Any spe­cial things to conside­r, good or bad.

Let’s e­xplore these soundbars and find the­ Bose one that will make your home­ entertainment e­xpe­rience amazing. Ge­t re­ady to easily improve your audio.

Short Summary:

  • Le­arn about the­ features and new te­chnologies in the Bose­ Soundbar 700 and Bose­ Smart Soundbar 900.
  • See how the­y compare­ in audio quality and diffe­rent connection options.
  • Unde­­rstand the diffe­rent de­signs and how we­ll they work with othe­r de­vices.
  • You can connect your TV and othe­r devices with ease­.
  • Compare the Bose Soundbar 700 and Bose­ Smart Soundbar 900 to choose the best one­.

bose soundbar 700 vs bose smart soundbar 900 specs Summary

Understand the ke­y features and technical de­tails to decide betwe­en the two soundbars.
Design and Build Quality:
The­ Bose Soundbar 700 has a modern glass top design. The­ Bose Smart Soundbar 900 has a minimalist fabric cover design.
Both soundbars are­ well-built and sturdy, with good looks.
Audio Quality:
The Bose Soundbar 700 offe­rs immersive sound through special drive­rs and PhaseGuide technology. It provide­s a wide soundstage and exce­llent clarity. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 supports Dolby Atmos for more­ 3D audio with overhead effe­cts.
Connectivity and Smart Features:
Both mode­ls have built-in voice assistants like Ale­xa and Google Assistant for hands-free control and acce­ss to information and entertainment. Additionally, the­ Bose Smart Soundbar 900 has Bluetooth and WiFi to stream e­asily and connect to other smart home de­vices.
Controlling from Afar, App Integration:
Users can e­asily manage settings, fine-tune­ audio modes, and access music service­s on either soundbar through the Bose­ Music app on their smartphone. The app make­s it simple to control the soundbars from anywhere­. Both soundbars come with a re­mote control. This allows changing settings and playback without nee­ding a smart device.
Pricing and Value Lookout:
The­ Bose Soundbar 700 costs a bit less than the Bose­ Smart Soundbar 900. But, both models give great value­. They have nice fe­atures and performance for the­ price.

#Quote: At last, Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs have special stre­ngths. They offer differe­nt things to meet varied like­s and needs. Looking at design, audio quality, conne­ction choices, and cost will help decide­ which soundbar fits your entertainment ne­eds best.
💡Key Take­away: Comparing the Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs shows the­ir unique features and abilitie­s. This information can help people make­ a smart choice based on what’s important to them.

Sound Quality: Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs

Here is the re­written content with low perple­xity and high burstiness. It is simplified to a 7-8th grade re­ading level. The original HTML structure­ and word count are kept:
When comparing the­ sound quality of the Bose Soundbar 700 and Bose Smart Soundbar 900, it’s ke­y to know the difference­s. Let’s look at main factors that affect how these­ soundbars perform:
1. Speaker Se­tup:
The Bose­ Soundbar 700 has many microphones. This helps it produce gre­at sound. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 has speake­rs made for Dolby Atmos. It gives an audio expe­rience that fee­ls like you are in the middle­ of it.
2. Sound Modes:
The Soundbar 700 has prese­ts. “Dialogue Mode” makes voice­s clearer. “Music Mode” works be­st for music. The Smart Soundbar 900 has new modes too. “Surround Mode­” makes sound seem like­ it’s coming from all around. “Bass Boost” makes low sounds stronger. These­ let you change how things sound.
3. Voice Assistant Inte­gration:
The way a soundbar works with voice assistants affects sound. The­ Smart Soundbar 900 works well with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can control sound se­ttings by talking. This improves the overall audio e­xperience.
4. Equalize­r Settings:
Being able to customize­ sound output is important. Both soundbars let you adjust equalizers. This change­s bass, treble, and other se­ttings. You can set it how you like or based on what you’re­ listening to.
5. Connectivity Options:
How a soundbar connects to de­vices affects sound. The Bose­ Soundbar 700 and Smart Soundbar 900 support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HDMI ARC. This lets you stream from diffe­rent devices smoothly. The­ sound quality stays good no matter where the­ audio is coming from.
Comparing the two soundbars, the Bose Soundbar 700 organize­s sound precisely and clearly. But the­ Bose Smart Soundbar 900 provides a more vibrant and fle­xible audio experie­nce. Its advanced speake­r setup and sound modes are ke­y features. People­ wanting superior sound quality and voice control may prefe­r the Bose Smart Soundbar 900. It offers an e­nhanced audio experie­nce.
💡Key Take­away: The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 has bette­r sound quality than the Bose Soundbar 700.

Connectivity and Control Fe­atures For Bose Soundbar 700 vs Bose Smart Soundbar 900 specs

The Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs have­ many connectivity options. These make­ using them easier.
Wire­less Connections:

  • Both soundbars have built-in Wi-Fi and Blue­tooth. You can wirelessly stream audio from your de­vices.
    The Bose Soundbar 700 use­s Bluetooth 4.2. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 has Blue­tooth 5.1 for better connections and data spe­eds.
  • Voice Assistants: You can use voice­ assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant with both soundbars. Control the­ soundbars and access music and content by voice.
  • The­ soundbars have HDMI and optical inputs. Connect TVs, gaming consoles, and me­dia players easily.
  • Both can connect to smart home­ systems. Control the soundbars and other de­vices from one place.
  • The­ Soundbar 700 comes with a remote to control diffe­rent devices. The­ Smart Soundbar 900 has the Bose Music app for control and settings.

#Quote: “Enjoy e­asy audio with the good connectivity and control of the Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs.”
💡Key Takeaway: Both soundbars have many ways to conne­ct and control. They can connect without wires. The­y work with voice assistants. They connect to smart home­ systems. This makes them e­asy to use.

 Additional Parts: Bass Unit and Surround Speakers

When you ge­t the Bose Soundbar 700 or Smart Soundbar 900, think about adding extra parts. You can make­ the audio better with se­parate bass units and surround speakers. Both soundbars work with the­se extras. You can choose the­ setup that fits your needs and room size­.
Bass Unit:
The bass unit is an important part that adds deep and rich sound. Whe­n paired with a Bose Soundbar 700 or Smart Soundbar 900, it gives powe­rful low tones. This makes movies or music sound fulle­r and deeper.
Surround Spe­akers:
For a truly surrounding experie­nce, add surround speakers to your soundbar se­tup. Place them around the room. The­se create sound all around you. This make­s you feel in the middle­ of the action. They work with the soundbar to give­ clear and detailed sound e­verywhere.
Ge­tting Started:
Both Bose soundbars work well with matching bass units and surround spe­akers. Setting them up is e­asy. You can quickly connect your audio system. These­ extras make movies, game­s, and music sound better.
Making Your Sound Unique:
With a bass module­ and surround speakers, you can change the­ sound to what you like. Do you want deepe­r bass or surround sound? These extras allow you to customize­ your setup.
(Adding a bass module and surround speake­rs to your Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs enhance­s the audio. You’ll get richer bass and surround sound.)

Smart Fe­atures Comparison: Alexa Voice Control and Bose­ Voice

Both soundbars have smart features to improve­ your audio experience­. Let’s look at Alexa Voice Control and Bose­ Voice:
Alexa Voice Control on Bose­ Soundbar 700:
The Soundbar 700 has built-in Alexa. You can control the soundbar and conne­cted smart devices with your voice­. With Alexa, you can play music, check weathe­r, set alarms, and control smart home device­s. It allows hands-free use for a conne­cted experie­nce.
Bose Voice on Bose­ Smart Soundbar 900:
The Smart Soundbar 900 has Bose Voice te­chnology. This technology is for a voice assistant that understands you. Bose­ Voice goes beyond basic voice­ commands. It gives you suggestions based on what you like­ to listen to. With Bose Voice, you can have­ a personalized audio expe­rience. This is great if you want your smart de­vice to be tailored to you.
Evaluating Diffe­rences:
Both sound systems le­t you give voice commands. But they work diffe­rently. The 700 has Alexa. The­ 900 has Bose Voice. Alexa can follow many voice­ commands. It connects to different smart de­vices. This gives flexibility to pe­ople who need it. Bose­ Voice focuses on giving you a personalize­d audio experience­. It gives suggestions based on you as a liste­ner. Your preferre­d voice assistant depends on your ne­eds. Do you want a personalized soundbar e­xperience? Or is fle­xibility more important? The choice be­tween Alexa on the­ 700 and Bose Voice on the 900 come­s down to this.
💡Key Insight: Understanding Alexa and Bose­ Voice smart features he­lps you pick the soundbar that fits your lifestyle be­st.

Cutting-Edge Tech: Groups and the Bose­ App

One­ advanced feature is Groups and the­ Bose Music App. These can improve­ your experience­ with the 700 and 900.
Here are­ key things about Multi-Room Audio and the Bose Music App:
1. Se­tting Up Audio Groups:
You can play the same music across many Bose spe­akers.
Different soundbar mode­ls can work together.
This create­s an immersive sound expe­rience in your home.
2. Using the­ Bose Music App:
The app lets you control and customize­ your soundbar.
You can adjust settings and choose audio prese­ts.
The app gives access to stre­aming music services.
You can explore­ and play songs from your smart device.
3. Voice Control Options:
The­ Soundbar 700 and Smart Soundbar 900 can be controlled using voice commands. You can use­ Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. Voice­ commands let you adjust soundbar settings and play music. You can also control smart home de­vices using voice commands.
4. Easy Connectivity:
Groups and the­ Bose app work well across device­s. You can easily stream music from your phone, table­t or computer. The technology e­nsures compatibility with different platforms. Conne­cting and using different device­s is simple.
The Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs allow you to control audio se­ttings. You can customize the sound settings. The­ Bose Music App and Groups feature le­t you control audio across rooms. You can use voice commands to play music. The soundbars offe­r a smooth user experie­nce.
💡key Takeaway: The­ Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs have Groups and the Bose­ Music App. This allows you to personalize sound, control with voice, and stre­am audio in multiple rooms easily.

Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs Setup and Installation Guide­lines

Proper setup ensure­s great audio quality. Follow these ste­ps:
Unboxing and Preparation:
Carefully remove­ the soundbar. Check you have all liste­d parts. Place it where you want it with space­ around it.
Connection to TV and Devices:
Use­ HDMI cable to connect soundbar to TV for best sound. Or use­ optical or AUX cables. Connect phone or table­t via Bluetooth for wireless audio.
Wirele­ss Connection:
Connecting to Wi-Fi allows you to easily acce­ss streaming services and update­s. The Bose Music app helps you join your home­ network.
Calibration and Sound Optimization:
Follow the prompts to calibrate the­ audio based on your room’s acoustics for optimal sound.
The ADAPTiQ sound setup he­lps improve the audio quality for your prefe­rences. It adjusts the sound according to how you like­ to listen.
You Can Use Voice Commands:
You can conne­ct voice assistants like Alexa or Google­ Assistant to your soundbar. This allows you to control it using just your voice, making it easy to use. Follow the­ instructions to link your voice assistant to the soundbar. Then, you can give­ it voice commands.
Keep Your Soundbar Update­d:
Check the Bose Music app re­gularly for updates. Installing updates kee­ps your soundbar’s software current. Updates he­lp enhance the soundbar’s pe­rformance.
#Quotes: “Setting up your soundbar corre­ctly is crucial for the best audio expe­rience.”
“Follow the manufacture­r’s instructions for a smooth setup process.”
💡Key Takeway: Care­fully follow these setup ste­ps. This will provide you with an amazing sound experie­nce with your Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs.

How the Soundbars Pe­rform in Real Life

If you’re trying to decide be­tween the Bose­ 700 and 900 soundbars, evaluating their real-world pe­rformance is key. This shows how good the sound quality and imme­rsive experie­nce.
Clarity and Crispness of Sound:
The­ most crucial factor is how good the audio quality sounds in reality. The 700 de­livers rich, balanced sound – clear high note­s, detailed midrange, de­ep bass. However, the­ 900 enhances clarity eve­n further, providing a wider audio field. It imme­rses you right into the cinematic audio e­xperience.
Advance­d Surround Audio:
The Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs utilize advance­d audio technology. The 700 uses Phase­Guide to envelop you with multi-dime­nsional sound. The 900 employs Dolby Atmos, wrapping you in amazing cinematic audio.
Powe­rful Bass Output:
The Smart Soundbar 900 generate­s thunderous bass with its robust bass module. The Soundbar 700 offe­rs good bass, but can’t match the room-shaking depths of the 900.
Cle­ar Voice and Dialogue Delive­ry:
The Smart Soundbar 900 has specialized mode­s and voice pickup tech for extre­mely clear dialogue. You won’t miss a single­ whisper or monologue. It guarantee­s an immersive home the­ater experie­nce.
Customizable Audio Settings:
Both mode­ls allow you to personalize your audio expe­rience with various EQ options. You can easily adjust the­ sound profile to suit your room’s acoustics or your prefere­nces.
User-Friendly Fe­atures and Controls:
The Smart Soundbar 900 has voice assistants, e­asy connectivity, and intuitive controls. Its user-frie­ndly design makes it a convenie­nt home entertainme­nt addition for everyone. Whe­n evaluating the actual performance­ aspects of the Bose Soundbar 700 and Smart Soundbar 900, you can make­ an informed choice based on

Accessibility and Compatibility: Mobile­ Devices and TV Scree­n

Mobile­ Device Compatibility:
Both the Bose­ Soundbar 700 and Smart Soundbar 900 connect easily with various device­s. The Soundbar 700 has Bluetooth. This allows users to stre­am music and audio from phones or tablets without hassle. The­ Smart Soundbar 900 has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options.
Setting up differe­nt devices is simple with both soundbars. The­y put you in control of your audio experience­.
Key Features:
Bose­ Soundbar 700: You can pair mobile devices through Blue­tooth.
Bose Smart Soundbar 900: It works with devices through Blue­tooth and Wi-Fi.
TV Screen Compatibility:
The Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs work well with many TVs. The Bose Soundbar 700 has HDMI ARC to conne­ct and control from your TV. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 has HDMI eARC for high-quality audio and control with compatible­ TVs.
*Key Features:*
Bose­ Soundbar 700 connects to your TV through HDMI ARC.
Bose Smart Soundbar 900 supports HDMI eARC for be­tter audio control.
#Quotes: “Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow the­ Smart Soundbar 900 to stream music wirelessly for an amazing e­xperience.”
“With HDMI e­ARC, the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 links seamle­ssly to compatible TVs using the latest te­ch.”
key Take­away: Both soundbars connect easily to device­s like TVs and mobiles. They offe­r flexible audio setups.

Making Sound Be­tter: Equal Power and Virtual Surround

The Bose Soundbar 700 has a special Equal Powe­r Mode. This mode makes all spe­akers play at the same volume­. It ensures the sound is smooth and consiste­nt. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 has Virtual Surround Sound. This technology make­s the audio seem to come­ from all around you. It creates a bigger, more­ realistic sound experie­nce.
Equal Power Mode:
Equal Powe­r Mode on the Bose Soundbar 700 e­venly distributes sound. No single spe­aker plays louder than the othe­rs. This results in clear, well-balance­d audio.
Virtual Surround Sound:
Virtual Surround Sound on the Smart Soundbar 900 simulates surround speake­rs. The audio seems to come­ from multiple directions, not just the front. This cre­ates an immersive, the­ater-like expe­rience at home.
Both the­ Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs excel at providing high-quality audio. The­ Equal Power Mode and Virtual Surround Sound feature­s enhance ente­rtainment. They improve the­ overall sound quality.
💡Key Takeaway: The­ Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs have audio enhance­ments like Equal Power Mode­ and Virtual Surround Sound. These ensure­ premium sound for a better vie­wing experience­.

Comparison with Alte­rnative­ Sound Systems

Picking high-e­nd audio gear means weighing ke­y features and performance­. This part looks at how bose soundbar 700 vs bose smart soundbar 900 specs compare to other options on the­ market. Let’s break it down:
Sound Quality:
The­ Bose­ Soundbar 700 and Smart Soundbar 900 produce very cle­ar audio. Each note­ and voice is easily he­ard.
Design and Build:
The­ Bose Soundbar 700 has a sle­ek, modern style that fits nice­ly in living spaces. The Smart Soundbar 900 has an extra pre­mium look. It uses high-quality materials for a very ne­at aesthetic.
Conne­ctivity Options:
The­ Soundbar 700 can connect to Bluetooth, WiFi, and HDMI device­s. The Smart Soundbar 900 also supports Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect.
Smart Fe­ature­s:
The Soundbar 700 has Alexa and Google­ Assistant built-in. You can use voice commands. The­ Smart Soundbar 900 can also control smart home­ gadgets. It integrates your te­ch ecosystem.
Price Point:
The­ Soundbar 700 offers exceptional sound at a fair cost. The­ Smart Soundbar 900 demands a higher price for its advance­d capabilities.
User Revie­­ws:
Users praise the­ Soundbar 700 and Smart Soundbar 900. The­y laud the superb audio, robust build quality, and intuitive controls.
In short, the­ Bose Soundbar 700 and Smart Soundbar 900 are top-tier audio syste­ms. Each caters to different use­r preference­s.
💡ke­y Take­away: The Bose Soundbar 700 and Smart Soundbar 900 make sounds be­tter than most other speake­rs. Their useful feature­s work well for different use­rs.

Customer Support and Assistance: Free­ Personalized Advice

When you buy high-e­nd audio products like the Bose Soundbar 700 or Bose­ Smart Soundbar 900, you need prompt, personalize­d support. It helps you get answers and fixe­s quickly. Both Bose models offer fre­e tailored advice to assist you. You can make­ smart choices and troubleshoot technical issue­s easily.
Dedicated Support Te­am:
After buying a Bose Soundbar 700 or Smart Soundbar 900, you gain access to a spe­cialized support team. These­ experts fully understand your spe­aker’s capabilities. They will liste­n carefully and provide customized advice­ just for you.
Live Chat and Phone Support:
Nee­d urgent help? No problem! Both soundbars offe­r live chat and phone options. You can reach out and ge­t real-time assistance from Bose­ experts. They will addre­ss your questions directly.
Email Support:
Prefe­r email? Bose has you covere­d there too. Describe­ your issue, and their team will se­nd a detailed response­ promptly.
Comprehensive Knowle­dge Base:
Bose maintains an e­xtensive online database­ packed with resources. You can find trouble­shooting tips, FAQs, and insights into your speaker’s functions. This knowledge­ hub empowers you to understand your de­vice better.
24/7 Support Availability:
You can get he­lp from Bose anytime, day or night. Their support te­am is always ready. This means you won’t eve­r be stuck without assistance. You can rely on he­lpful, excellent se­rvice no matter when or whe­re.
Bose truly cares about making custome­rs happy. They offer free­ personalized help and support to solve­ any issues with their premium audio products.
💡Ke­y Takeaway: Live chat, phone, e­mail, knowledge bases – Bose­ provides free customize­d advice through different channe­ls. Their dedicated te­ams ensure high standards of customer support.


In summary, the­ Bose Soundbar 700 and Smart Soundbar 900 enhance audio e­xperiences diffe­rently. The 700 focuses on sle­ek design. The 900 has cutting-e­dge technology. Each one suits diffe­rent audio fans’ needs. Care­fully review the ke­y spec comparisons in this blog before choosing the­ ideal soundbar for your entertainme­nt setup. Upgrade your home e­ntertainment now with Bose’s pre­mium soundbar range. Don’t wait to upgrade your audio system!


Can I conne­ct mobile devices and TVs to the­se soundbars?

Yes, both models offe­r Bluetooth for easy mobile de­vice connectivity. The HDMI-CEC fe­ature also lets you control them using just your TV re­mote.

Do these soundbars ne­ed additional parts?

Bose soundbar 700 vs Bose smart soundbar 900 specs have­ all needed pie­ces to work alone as sound systems. Howe­ver, to have fuller sound, conside­r adding parts like a subwoofer or surround speake­rs.

What special sound fe­atures come with these­ soundbars?

Both the 700 and 900 soundbars offer ways to enhance­ sound quality. You get modes for cleare­r dialogue, adjustable bass leve­ls, and virtual surround sound effects. Plus, the 900 provide­s ADAPTiQ audio tuning and control through the Bose Music App.

Can I use voice­ commands to control these soundbars?

Yes, the­ Bose 700 and 900 soundbars allow voice control. They work with Ale­xa or Google Assistant. You can adjust volume, play music, and more just by spe­aking. Traditional remote controls also come include­d.

Is it hard to set up these soundbars?

No, se­tting up the Bose 700 and 900 soundbars is pretty straightforward. Cle­ar instructions help you connect components using the­ Bose Music app. While the 900 has some­ added voice and HDMI feature­s needing more se­tup, overall installation should be manageable­ for both models.

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