“Crafting Controls: 6 ways to Custom Nintendo Switch Controller”

Custom Nintendo Switch Controller

If you’re looking to customize a Nintendo Switch controller, there are some fantastic options available for custom Nintendo Switch controller, including changing the physical appearance, adjusting the button layout, or even integrating additional features.

Custom Nintendo Switch Controller

  • Theme concept: The Nintendo Switch controller theme or design concept depends on your favorite game, character, color scheme, or any other personal preference. You need to use your smart brain to choose a theme or design for customization.
  • Select base controller:  You can use Joy-Cons, Pro Controller, or third-party controllers. They offer flexibility, more ergonomic design, making it comfortable for extended gaming, offering different designs, features, and price points. Your choice between Nintendo Switch controllers depends on your preferences, budget and specific customization project.
  • Physical Customization:  
  1. Painting:  Use brush-on paint for plastic periphery. Apply primer before painting for better obedience and finish with a clear coat for protection.
  2. Stickers: Stickers are available in different designs. You can easily apply those stickers on the controller surface and you can easily remove those stickers.
  3. Vinyl Wraps: These warps come in different colors and patterns. It also provide a protective layer.
  • Button customization: Button customization requires you to follow 2 steps. These steps are button replacement and button mapping. Button replacement means replacing buttons with custom designed buttons. These are available in different colors and styles. You can change custom firmware or hardware to change button functionality.
  • Integrated Features: To get visual effects into the controllers install the customize LED lighting. You can choose different colors and lighting patterns. To reduce the travel distance you need to modify trigger stops. As a result you see faster response time during gameplay. At last, attach paddles to the controller for comfort during gaming sessions.
  • Assembly and Testing: After completing the customization process carefully reassemble the controller and test the controller to make sure all buttons, joysticks and features are working properly.

Here are some product to custom Nintendo switch controller:

  1. DLseego Switch Skin Sticker (Full Wrap Skin Protective Film Sticker)
  2. DLseego Switch OLED Skin Sticker(Zelda Pattern Full Wrap Skin Protective)
  3. eXtremeRate PlayVital Back Cover(Customized Dockable Protective Case for Nintendo Switch)
  4. Switch Carrying Case with Screen Protector(Nintendo Switch Protective Case)
  5. Dockable Case(Protective Cover Case for Nintendo Switch)
  6. Skull & Co. Replacement Joystick Covers
  7. Ferkurn Joystick Buttons(Cap Skin Replacement Part Repair Kit Accessories)
  8. Sumind 28 Pieces Replacement Buttons(Cute Cat Claw Design Thumb Grip Caps)
  9. Thumbstick for PS5 Game
  10. 36pcs Joystick Grip for Ps5 Ps4 Controller


What are some companies that offer custom Nintendo switch controller?

  1.  SCUF®: SCUF® provides different kinds of customized Nintendo Switch controllers. You can build the controller as you like because they have over 1 billion possible configurations. The minimum cost to build a customized Nintendo Switch is over $210. They provides customizable controllers for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Most professional gamers and esports enthusiasts use SCUF controllers
  2. Battle Beaver: Battle Beaver offers 1st party custom controllers for the PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, GameCube, and more. . They do custom paint for Nintendo Switch controllers. Button remapping, trigger stops, and custom thumbstick tension adjustments are among the types of services they offer. They provides customizable controllers for PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X . 
  3. MegaModz: MegaModz gives you a lot of customization options. You can design your own controller RGB lighting, Mechanical buttons, interchangeable components and more. It represents a multifaceted platform endowed with the capability to personalize the appearance of your gaming gadget exactly to your taste.
  4. Evil Controllers: Evil Controllers offers performance controllers customized for you. They allows you to create custom Xbox One and PS4 controllers. Many customization options available such as custom paint jobs, personalized engravings and more.
  5. Extremerate: Extremerate offers LED kits for PS5, PS4, Xbox, Gameboy series, Switch and more. You can customize Nintendo Switch, custom shells and buttons for PS5, PS4, Xbox from them. They offer buttons, decals and replacement shells that allow you to create your own custom look at home.
  6. Custom Controllers UK: Custom Controllers UK offers up to 550 different designs to customize your controller. They offer a large range of colorful and unique designs. From there you can build your own controller, official xbox controller, elite controller and you can also repair your controller.

What are some other ways to customize my Nintendo Switch?

RehumanizeAbsolutely! Modifying your Ninte­ndo Switch is a nice method to make it unique­. Here are imaginative­ techniques to customize your Switch:

  1. Utilize­ Vinyl Coverings or Decals: Vinyl coverings or de­cals are an affordable possibility. They come­ in different hues, style­s, and textures (including matte, shiny, and patte­rned varieties). You can apply the­m to the Joy-Cons, console itself, dock, and controlle­r accessories too. Just ensure­ you opt for skins guaranteeing residue­-free or safe re­moval.
  2. Vinyl skins are an ine­xpensive choice. The­re’s an array of colors. There’s a numbe­r of designs. A variety of texture­s is available, like matte, glossy, and patte­rned choices. You can put them on Joy-Cons. Applying the­m to the console itself is viable­ too. The dock can be covere­d. Controller accessories are­n’t off-limits either.

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